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Brighid Flame Keepers

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jeanniemac @ 10:32 pm: News and a Reminder
First, the news: Two weeks ago I became an American statistic and got laid off. I am actively searching for a new job (we need the money too much) but in the interim, I have become a stay-at-home mom. Its taken me a while to adjust to bumps and hiccups of dealing with an extremely active and curious toddler but I think I've finally got things under my belt. Among other things, this means I can spend more time working on spiritual projects that got dropped by the wayside, like the book I was working on or more structured Flame Keeping. I intend to spend some time posting here and on my spiritual journal and to do some serious Work on my job search. The Lady helped me find my last job, which I enjoyed very much, and I'm hoping she will give me a hand finding my next one as well. I know that everyone is under the same pressures, but if you've got any career energy to spare, please send it my way. I intend to spend my next shift focused on the job search.

Speaking of shifts, I am planning to post the next schedule on Tuesday, June 9th in the evening, after my son goes to bed. Please have any changes to me by that point. I'll try to get the schedule up by midnight but a lot of it depends on when I can get the Wee Boy in bed.

Yours, in the Lady,


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Date:June 7th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
I'm sure Brigid will help you find another job. I'm sending thoughts and energy to help you with your search.
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