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Brighid Flame Keepers

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September 30th, 2010

kelledia @ 10:08 am: Colonial Flamekeeping, Anyone?
In doing family research, I came across a fascinating bit of Americana- the "Betty lamp". Used in earlier colonial days, it replaced smokier, tallow-dipped rush candles.  Although invented overseas, they were put to use in the Colonies as soon as folks were able to make or afford one.
  I can't help but wonder if, for Flamekeepers, (specifically, those who don't have to worry about it being toppled by kids or cats-my own situation) these might make for an historically accurate light source, and a very optional way of keeping our Tending commitment? Apparently, you really would have to tend- carefully!
  Here is just one website showing the design, but I've come across others that have them for considerably less. For those Flamekeepers who might be very good at craft work, I could see this being made (at least a facsimile) out of soldered, sheet metal.
 Also, this reeeaaly interesting web page on early Colonial living; more like survival, actually:

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October 26th, 2009

gwenwolfrose @ 03:08 am: October 31 - November 19th Schedule
Cill of the Flame of the Oak
Oct. 31st 1. linda_a
Nov. 1st 2. redvelvetroses & persephonerose
Nov. 2nd 3. jeweledvixen
Nov. 3rd 4. jullia_starz
Nov. 4th 5. wcm
Nov. 5th 6. seraphina_prime
Nov. 6th 7. rhianon_sings
Nov. 7th 8. fleta
Nov. 8th 9. stormmoon
Nov. 9th 10. devon50180
Nov. 10th 11. inizitu
Nov. 11th 12. brigidsblest
Nov. 12th 13. blackdragon5
Nov. 13th 14. pandora1921
Nov. 14th 15. fugue
Nov. 15th 16. unaspencer
Nov. 16th 17. calliean_sidhe
Nov. 17th 18. fannore
Nov. 18th 19. essencedraconis
Nov. 19th 20. THE LADY

Cill of the Flame of the Hearth
Oct. 31st 1. zoethe
Nov. 1st 2. gemmaelf
Nov. 2nd 3. pomegranatemoon & nicanthiel
Nov. 3rd 4. peregrinpiper & cathubodva
Nov. 4th 5. greyeyedpixie
Nov. 5th 6. katrinb
Nov. 6th 7. giveyoulife
Nov. 7th 8. mermaiden & autumnrain67
Nov. 8th 9. caitriona
Nov. 9th 10. eris14
Nov. 10th 11. lmnicole & chimerawinds
Nov. 11th 12. regine735
Nov. 12th 13. eriu
Nov. 13th 14. redearth_witch
Nov. 14th 15. gwenwolfrose & carfarsmar
Nov. 15th 16. jeanniemac & leigheasoir
Nov. 16th 17. cat_itude
Nov. 17th 18. mocuirdhgalla
Nov. 18th 19. mischeviousone & lemlems
Nov. 19th 20. THE LADY

gwenwolfrose @ 02:56 am: October Schedule
Cill of the Flame of the Oak
Oct. 11th 1. linda_a
Oct. 12th 2. redvelvetroses & persephonerose
Oct. 13th 3. jeweledvixen
Oct. 14th 4. jullia_starz
Oct. 15th 5. wcm
Oct. 16th 6. seraphina_prime
Oct. 17th 7. rhianon_sings
Oct. 18th 8. fleta
Oct. 19th 9. stormmoon
Oct. 20th 10. devon50180
Oct. 21st 11. inizitu
Oct. 22nd 12. brigidsblest
Oct. 23rd 13. blackdragon5
Oct. 24th 14. pandora1921
Oct. 25th 15. fugue
Oct. 26th 16. unaspencer
Oct. 27th 17. calliean_sidhe
Oct. 28th 18. fannore
Oct. 29th 19. essencedraconis
Oct. 30th 20. THE LADY

Cill of the Flame of the Hearth
Oct. 11th 1. zoethe
Oct. 12th 2. gemmaelf
Oct. 13th 3. pomegranatemoon & nicanthiel
Oct. 14th 4. peregrinpiper & cathubodva
Oct. 15th 5. greyeyedpixie
Oct. 16th 6. katrinb
Oct. 17th 7. giveyoulife
Oct. 18th 8. mermaiden & autumnrain67
Oct. 19th 9. caitriona
Oct. 20th 10. eris14
Oct. 21st 11. lmnicole & chimerawinds
Oct. 22nd 12. regine735
Oct. 23rd 13. eriu
Oct. 24th 14. redearth_witch
Oct. 25th 15. gwenwolfrose & carfarsmar
Oct. 26th 16. jeanniemac & leigheasoir
Oct. 27th 17. cat_itude
Oct. 28th 18. mocuirdhgalla
Oct. 29th 19. mischeviousone & lemlems
Oct. 30th 20. THE LADY

October 13th, 2009

jeweledvixen @ 07:33 pm: Shift Schedule
After my last shift, I counted forward 20 days to see when my next shift would be. It would be tonight. But when I checked the community to see if a new schedule had been posted, I found that the last day on the last schedule was 10/9. Counting forward from that would mean that my shift would have been last night.

I double checked my calculations and could see that I had figured correctly. I rechecked the last schedule and found that shift 11 was listed as being on 9/31. Since September only has 30 days, I hope this did not throw anyone else's calculations off.

Also, does anyone know if Jeannie is all right? Has she asked someone else to post the schedule? I'm worried because she has not posted in so long.

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September 23rd, 2009

stparker @ 07:59 am: So it shall be...
Cill of the Flame of the Oak
Sep. 21st 1. linda_a
Sep. 22nd 2. redvelvetroses & persephonerose
Sep. 23rd 3. jeweledvixen
Sep. 24th 4. jullia_starz
Sep. 25th 5. wcm
Sep. 26th 6. seraphina_prime
Sep. 27th 7. rhianon_sings
Sep. 28th 8. fleta
Sep. 29th 9. stormmoon
Sep. 30th 10. devon50180
Sep. 31st 11. inizitu
Oct. 1st 12. brigidsblest
Oct. 2nd 13. blackdragon5
Oct. 3rd 14. pandora1921
Oct. 4th 15. fugue
Oct. 5th 16. unaspencer
Oct. 6th 17. calliean_sidhe
Oct. 7th 18. fannore
Oct. 8th 19. essencedraconis
Oct. 9th 20. THE LADY

Cill of the Flame of the Hearth
Sep. 21st 1. zoethe
Sep. 22nd 2. gemmaelf
Sep. 23rd 3. pomegranatemoon & nicanthiel
Sep. 24th 4. peregrinpiper & cathubodva
Sep. 25th 5. greyeyedpixie
Sep. 26th 6. katrinb
Sep. 27th 7. giveyoulife
Sep. 28th 8. mermaiden & autumnrain67
Sep. 29th 9. caitriona
Sep. 30th 10. eris14
Sep. 31st 11. lmnicole & chimerawinds
Oct. 1st 12. regine735
Oct. 2nd 13. eriu
Oct. 3rd 14. redearth_witch
Oct. 4th 15. gwenwolfrose & carfarsmar
Oct. 5th 16. jeanniemac & leigheasoir
Oct. 6th 17. cat_itude
Oct. 7th 18. mocuirdhgalla
Oct. 8th 19. mischeviousone & lemlems
Oct. 9th 20. THE LADY

September 10th, 2009

stparker @ 12:01 pm: Shift Schedule ?
Cill of the Flame of the Oak
Sep. 1st 1. linda_a
Sep. 2nd 2. redvelvetroses & persephonerose
Sep. 3rd 3. jeweledvixen
Sep. 4th 4. jullia_starz
Sep. 5th 5. wcm
Sep. 6th 6. seraphina_prime
Sep. 7th 7. rhianon_sings
Sep. 8th 8. fleta
Sep. 9th 9. stormmoon
Sep. 10th 10. devon50180
Sep. 11th 11. inizitu
Sep. 12th 12. brigidsblest
Sep. 13th 13. blackdragon5
Sep. 14th 14. pandora1921
Sep. 15th 15. fugue
Sep. 16th 16. unaspencer
Sep. 17th 17. calliean_sidhe
Sep. 18th 18. fannore
Sep. 19th 19. essencedraconis
Sep. 20th 20. THE LADY

Cill of the Flame of the Hearth
Sep. 1st 1. zoethe
Sep. 2nd 2. gemmaelf
Sep. 3rd 3. pomegranatemoon & nicanthiel
Sep. 4th 4. peregrinpiper & cathubodva
Sep. 5th 5. greyeyedpixie
Sep. 6th 6. katrinb
Sep. 7th 7. giveyoulife
Sep. 8th 8. mermaiden & autumnrain67
Sep. 9th 9. caitriona
Sep. 10th 10. eris14
Sep. 11th 11. lmnicole & chimerawinds
Sep. 12th 12. regine735
Sep. 13th 13. eriu
Sep. 14th 14. redearth_witch
Sep. 15th 15. gwenwolfrose & carfarsmar
Sep. 16th 16. jeanniemac & leigheasoir
Sep. 17th 17. cat_itude
Sep. 18th 18. mocuirdhgalla
Sep. 19th 19. mischeviousone & lemlems
Sep. 20th 20. THE LADY

July 18th, 2009

jeanniemac @ 11:38 pm: Reminder Time Again
Our next cycle starts on Thursday, July 23rd at sunset. I will be posting the next schedule on Monday the 20th at 8pm pst. Please have any changes to me by then.

Yours, In the Lady,


June 30th, 2009

jeanniemac @ 11:05 am: A late Reminder
I should have posted this yesterday but Ian spent all day having a meltdown due to teething and I never got around to it.

So tonight I will be posting the new shift schedule. If you have any changes, please let me know. It should be going up around 9pm pacific time, once my son is in bed.

Yours in the Lady,


June 6th, 2009

jeanniemac @ 10:32 pm: News and a Reminder
First, the news: Two weeks ago I became an American statistic and got laid off. I am actively searching for a new job (we need the money too much) but in the interim, I have become a stay-at-home mom. Its taken me a while to adjust to bumps and hiccups of dealing with an extremely active and curious toddler but I think I've finally got things under my belt. Among other things, this means I can spend more time working on spiritual projects that got dropped by the wayside, like the book I was working on or more structured Flame Keeping. I intend to spend some time posting here and on my spiritual journal and to do some serious Work on my job search. The Lady helped me find my last job, which I enjoyed very much, and I'm hoping she will give me a hand finding my next one as well. I know that everyone is under the same pressures, but if you've got any career energy to spare, please send it my way. I intend to spend my next shift focused on the job search.

Speaking of shifts, I am planning to post the next schedule on Tuesday, June 9th in the evening, after my son goes to bed. Please have any changes to me by that point. I'll try to get the schedule up by midnight but a lot of it depends on when I can get the Wee Boy in bed.

Yours, in the Lady,


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May 26th, 2009

unaspenser @ 05:12 pm: What do you do?
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to drop a quick entry and find out how exactly everybody likes to carry out their flame shifts.  I know there is a prayer listed in the user info, but I'd love more details on what rituals and rites we all use to commemorate our shift days.  What do you do?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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