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flame_keepers's Journal

Brighid Flame Keepers
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Flame Keeping in the service of the Celtic Goddess Brighid
This a community for folks from the Livejournal community who are interested in keeping the Eternal Flame in the name of the Lady Brighid.

Please introduce yourself. It helps us to get to know you.

Please treat each other with respect. NO religion bashing of any kind!!

Please stay on topic. There are many other wonderful places to talk about general religion or christian or pagan topics. This community is for those who serve Brighid in all her various guises and seek to keep her flame alive.

Flame Keeping Cills

The community currently has 2 active Cills: Flame of the Oak and Flame of the Hearth. As the number of Keepers grows, we hope to add more. Membership in the community does not mean membership in the Cills. That being said, please feel free to post a request for a shift. We are always happy to have new Flame Keepers. The Cill cycle last 20 days and our first cycle started on Feb, 28, 2006. New Keepers will be added at the end of each cycle and a new shift schedule will be posted if there are any changes.

If you wish to take a shift, join and friend the community, then either post a request or email me privately. Include in your post or email your location and choice of Cill. Shifts are set up moving from East to West away from Ireland toward the Isles of the Blessed.

Please remember to Friend the community as all shift schedules are Friends Locked for privacy.

If you do not wish to be a member of the Cills, that's just fine. Membership in the Cills is NOT required by any means.

Below is a prayer that we are using during our shifts

As it has been
so it shall be
your sacred flame is tended by me
and we who are
Keepers of the Flame
shall evermore honor your name.
-from the Brighid's Fire website (the first verse of a longer prayer)

Please also visit our sister community brigidshearth