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Brighid Flame Keepers

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kelledia @ 10:08 am: Colonial Flamekeeping, Anyone?
In doing family research, I came across a fascinating bit of Americana- the "Betty lamp". Used in earlier colonial days, it replaced smokier, tallow-dipped rush candles.  Although invented overseas, they were put to use in the Colonies as soon as folks were able to make or afford one.
  I can't help but wonder if, for Flamekeepers, (specifically, those who don't have to worry about it being toppled by kids or cats-my own situation) these might make for an historically accurate light source, and a very optional way of keeping our Tending commitment? Apparently, you really would have to tend- carefully!
  Here is just one website showing the design, but I've come across others that have them for considerably less. For those Flamekeepers who might be very good at craft work, I could see this being made (at least a facsimile) out of soldered, sheet metal.
 Also, this reeeaaly interesting web page on early Colonial living; more like survival, actually:

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